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Superthread knowledge base

Superthread quick start guide

All you need to know to get started.

Workspace, spaces, and users

The key concepts for organising your work in Superthread, and how to invite your teammates.

Boards, cards, and statuses

An overview of Superthread's Kanban board system for managing your tasks.

Pages, subpages, and public pages

Manage and maintain your documentation and notes with pages.

Notifications & Inbox

Stay informed and keep up to date with activity within your workspace.

Import tasks from another tool

Import tasks from Trello, Jira, or Shortcut.

Keyboard shortcuts

A cheat sheet of all of the keyboard shortcuts.

Other features

  • Universal Search

  • Smart links

  • Comments

  • Mention anything

Plans and billing

  • Compare plans

  • Change plans

  • Cancel a plan


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