Workspace, Spaces & Users

Workspace, Spaces & Users

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We call your main working area within Superthread your 'Workspace'.

The Workspace will typically be for your entire company / organisation.

To help keep your work and teams organised, your Superthread Workspace is divided up into individual 'Spaces' which are displayed in the sidebar.

Spaces can be named after a team, a project, a specific subject, or indeed anything you want.

What are Spaces?

  1. Spaces are top-level containers for Boards and Pages
  2. Spaces can either be:
  3. Open – any member of your Workspace can browse and join the space.
  4. Private – private to you; additional members must be actively invited to join it.
  5. Members of your Workspace can browse and join any open Spaces, depending on what's relevant to them .
  6. Once you join a Space, it will be visible in your sidebar.
  7. Members of the Workspace can can join and create as many Spaces as they like.

Superthread gives you complete flexibility in how you arrange your work and you can drag and drop Cards, Pages or even whole Boards between different Spaces.

How to create a Space

Just hover over the Spaces section in the sidebar and click the plus button. Easy!

Inviting Users 🧔👩🏾👨🏽‍🦲

It's extremely easy to invite new users to Superthread.

Simply click the 'Invite' button in the bottom left of the Sidebar, add their email address and they'll be invited to join your Workspace.

You can also go straight to the Members section of your Workspace settings here.

Pro tip: comma separate email addresses to invite multiple users in one go.

To see which users are part of any given Space, simply click on that Space in the Sidebar and you'll then see its members displayed in the top right of the screen.

From here, you can add additional members to the Space or, if that user doesn't already exist, invite them to the Superthread Workspace.

New users will be able to:

  1. Browse and join existing open Spaces
  2. Create their own new Spaces (either open, or private)

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