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You can complement the power of Superthread by integrating it with many of your favourite existing tools.





Importers - Trello & Jira


Superthread allows you to seamlessly connect and automate your GitHub pull requests with your Superthread Cards

Simply connect your GitHub account to your Superthread account and you and your team will be instantly able to:

  1. See the status of a PR from within a Card.
  2. Have Superthread automatically move a Card to a new status when PRs are created or merged.

First, configure the Github integration via Settings > Integrations > Github

Once configured, you can use the 'Copy git branch name' button in the header of the card, add this Card ID to your branch name and the link between the two will happen automatically.

  1. Branch name (e.g. "ST-123" or "username/ST-123")
  2. Pull request title (e.g. "GitHub Workflow ST-123")

Automate your workflows

When a Card is linked to a pull request, Superthread can then automatically move the Card to the appropriate status on your Board when the pull request changes.

This is fully configurable on a per Board basis, across all your Boards and Spaces, meaning you have complete flexibility in how you set up the integration

Simply head to Settings > Spaces > Boards to configure PR automation for your Boards, as appropriate.


To help keep your communications unified, Superthread has an easy-to-configure Slack integration.

Simply head over to the 'Settings' area of your Workspace, and under 'Integrations' you'll find the ability to connect to Slack

Once that's done, under 'Account' --> 'Notifications' you can choose what you want to be notified of in Superthread and Slack, such as whether a Card is moved or archived, if someone's Commented on it and so on.

  1. Configure Superthread notifications in Slack
  2. Configure Superthread preview links in Slack

Whilst you're at it, why not sign up to our Slack Community and connect with us directly 🤝

Direct linking to the Cards or Pages in question makes it easy to hop straight into the right place in Superthread, and you can also directly reply to Superthread Comments without ever having to leave Slack.


By leveraging Superthread's powerful Zapier integration, you'll be able to connect Superthread to literally hundreds of other applications and automate actions to your heart's content 🤗

This isn't yet publicly available - we're currently testing it in internal Beta - but to share some insight into how we're using it;

  1. Automatically create Support Tickets (Cards) in Superthread from in-coming support inquiries
  2. Emoji reaction in Slack to automatically create a Card from a thread 🦀
  3. Automatically create Sales Opportunities (Cards) in Superthread from in-coming support inquiries.
  4. Automatically pass Superthread Card details into Hubspot

If you'd like to know more - or if there are features / functionality you'd like to see - drop us a line via

Coming soon... 😃

Importers - Trello and Jira

Superthread has simple, powerful import wizards for both Trello and Jira, meaning you can instantly bring over all your existing Tasks / Issues into your Superthread Workspace.

You'll find these in your Workspace Settings --> Importers, or simply follow the links below;

Trello Importer

For more details on our Trello importer, check out the short video tutorial below

Jira Importer

(additional documentation coming soon; please contact us via if you have any questions and we'll be happy to help)

Next up...

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