Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

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Here's our top tips for getting underway with Superthread as quickly and successfully as possible.

1. Connect Slack 💬

Unify your internal comms by connecting Superthread to Slack, available via your Workspace settings --> Integrations.

  1. Connect Superthread to Slack
  2. Configure your Superthread notifications for Slack

Whilst you're at it, why not sign up to our Slack Community and connect with us directly 🤝

2. Invite your teammates 👨🏻👩🏾‍🦱🧔🏽‍♂️

The true power of Superthread is when used by multiple people, across multiple teams. So, don't delay, start inviting your teammates and colleagues right away.

Simply click the 'Invite' button in the bottom left of the Sidebar, add their email address and they'll be be invited to join your Workspace.

You can also go straight to the Members section of your Workspace settings here.

Pro tip: comma separate email addresses to invite multiple users in one go.

3. Import existing tasks from Trello or Jira ➡️⬅️

There's no faster way to populate your Superthread environment than using our instant import tools for either Trello or Jira.

You find the Jira / Trello importers in your Workspace settings here.

4. Take the onboarding video tour. 📺

For those of you who enjoy a structured learning experience, we've created a 'learn by doing' video tour of your Superthread Workspace.

You can kick that off from the 'Welcome to Superthread' Card in your 'Superthread Onboarding' Space, or you can find all the video tutorials directly on our YouTube channel.

Or, you can just jump in and start pressing buttons, you'll find Superthread pretty easy to get to grips with. 😀

5. Get inspired 🔥

We practice what we preach here and use Superthread to run pretty much all of our business.

Here's just a few of the things we use Superthread for, which we hope gives you a few ideas.

Cards / Tasks

  1. All of our development process, fully integrated with Github
  2. Reporting and recording bugs
  3. Product management, including long-term roadmap
  4. Project management across disparate teams, for example;
  5. New Website
  6. Go To Market strategy
  7. Social media content planning
  8. Hiring - managing candidates through the interview and hiring process
  9. Managing support inquiries (via Zapier integration)
  10. Managing sales inquiries / leads (via Zapier integration)
  11. Maintaining our own individual To Dos


  1. Write specifications for our new features
  2. Collaborate on our public messaging
  3. Maintain a comprehensive internal Wiki
  4. Share our public changelog
  5. Publish job descriptions
  6. Write blog posts
  7. Take meeting notes
  8. Quickly jot down personal notes into our Private Space (Pro Tip: press P to quickly create a new page)

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