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Dec 1, 2023


  • Video embeds – upload and embed videos in a page, card description, or comment. Just drag and drop them into a page or copy/paste from your clipboard.

  • Inline file attachments – attach generic files (PDFs, CSV, DOCX etc) that are displayed in the body of a page, card descriptions, and comments. Just drag and drop them into a page or copy/paste from your clipboard.


  • In a board, when grouping cards by assignees, tags, or priority, the status of each card is now displayed as an icon on the card.

  • When viewing a subpage, you can now use the keyboard shortcut Esc to close the subpage and navigate to back up to the parent page.

  • When highlighting text, pressing the keyboard shortcut Esc will now close the floating text toolbar.

  • There is now an option to reset a board’s layout back to the default. It can be found at the bottom of the ‘Layout’ option menu.


  • Whilst creating a subpage, refreshing the page will no longer cause the app to forget which page the subpage was being created within.

  • Fixed an issue where the breadcrumb for a subpage would sometimes display the parent pages in the wrong order.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t move a child card to a board if you opened it from the parent card.

  • When opening a card on top of a page, if that card contains a link to a comment within the same page, it will no longer cause an error when clicked.

  • On mobile, cards now close automatically when navigating somewhere else in the app.

  • The Cmd + \ keyboard shortcut to close the sidebar now works even when your cursor is focussed in a page.

Nov 24, 2023


  • Group-by card Priority – in a board, you can now use the ‘Layout’ option to group cards by their priority.

  • You can now add attachments when creating a card using the quick card creation modal (pressing the keyboard shortcut C).

  • You can now press the X icon to dismiss the ‘New version of the app’ update notification.


  • Fixed an issue where images uploaded creating a child card were not visible to other team members.

  • When creating a subpage, the parent page will now correctly show in the breadcrumb.

  • Deleting a space from the settings page no longer closes the settings page.

  • Clicking on a team invite link that you had already accepted will now redirect to the app, instead of getting stuck.

Nov 17, 2023


  • Card templates – you can now create card templates in the new Settings > Templates page. Templates can be applied to a card when creating a card with the keyboard shortcut C .

  • “Group-by” option in Boards – you can now group cards by assignee or tags. Use the ‘Layout’ dropdown at the top of a board to change the group-by from ‘group-by status’ to ‘group-by tag’ or ‘group-by assignee’.

  • Set background colour for table cells – when editing a table, you can now set a background colour on a cell.

  • Open cards anywhere in the app clicking on a card used to open the card in the board that it belonged to, meaning you got yanked around the app and easily lost. Now instead, cards open on top of the page you're currently looking at. This makes multitasking a lot easier:

    • You can now open a card whilst working in a page.

    • Open a child card without navigating away from the parent.

    • Use Cmd + K to search for a card, and just open it on top of what you're currently looking at.

    • Favourite a card that you need to view frequently, now you can quickly open it from your favourites, and close it and continue what you were doing before.


  • Tweaked the design of the headers of lists to make them easier to hover on and interact with.

  • Updated the text in the ‘change email’ address flow to make it clearer what is happening.

  • Updated the Superthread overview video in the help section.

  • Tweaked the design of the child card section to make it more obvious how to search fpr existing cards.


  • Comments no longer appear indented after opening the Settings page.

  • The quick card creation modal no longer changes size after opening the Settings page.

  • Placeholder text in comments no longer changes size after opening the Setting page.

  • Fixed an issue where custom and emoji page icons were misaligned when printing a page.

  • Adding a card with a long title in Timeline layout no longer causes the title to line wrap.

Nov 10, 2023


  • Change your account email address – it’s now possible to change the email address associated with your account. Just go to Settings > Account > Profile where you’ll be asked to re-confirm your login to start the process.


  • We’ve tweaked the language used in the activity log and notifications to be consistent when a user is unassigned from a card.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not use the mentions dropdown if you had a private or deleted resource in your list of favourites.

  • The colour of the status icon now updates correctly when selecting a list in the quick card creation modal.

  • Fixed an issue where the checkbox used to apply search filters was not visible.

Nov 3, 2023


  • We’ve updated the design of the card creation modal when using the keyboard shortcut C to create a new card.

  • You can now use the /image command to insert an image in card descriptions.

  • We now support Cmd + F in the desktop app to search within the current page.

  • The card ‘Attachments’ section now looks better at narrow screen sizes. For example on mobile or viewing the card in the Inbox on a small screen.

  • When inviting a guest user, we’ll now prompt you to add them to at least one space.

  • We’ve tweaked the design of the ‘Browse spaces’ screen to make the list of spaces look better on large monitors.


  • Typing Space immediately after opening the slash menu, mentions, or emoji picker will now close the menu and return to normal typing.

  • Fixed typos where we used the word ‘tasks’ instead of ‘cards’ in the empty state of a space homepage, and in the sidebar of a board.

  • We removed the list formatting options (bullet, numbered etc) from the floating text toolbar inside of the ‘Checklist’ section of a card.

  • The table of contents is no longer displayed when printing a page.

  • The avatars of people you are collaborating with in a page no longer change position when hovering over them.

  • Fixed an issue in Safari where it took 2 clicks to collapse a section in the Settings sidebar.

  • The ‘upload attachment’ popup now works correctly in comments.

  • In Safari, fixed an issue where the summary of the page contents would not be visible in search results.

  • You can no longer create subpages inside of an archived page.

Oct 27, 2023


  • In the desktop app, you can now use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Option + V to paste without formatting.

  • We’ve added hover states to the buttons in the media viewer.


  • On mobile, the app sidebar will now automatically close after opening a search result.

  • Fixed a bug where images that were attached whilst editing a comment would only be visible to the person making the edit.

  • The count of cards in the header of a View is now truncated on mobile.

  • Fixed a bug where tooltips on the text floating toolbar would not disappear.

  • Opening a link directly to an archived card that is now correctly loads the card.

  • Tweaked the alignment of the ‘Add subpage’ button in a page.

  • Typing a colon after a parenthesis no longer triggers the emoji picker.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not change a private View to public.

  • Using keyboard arrows in the slash menu now selects the correct option.

  • Downloading an image from a comment now downloads the image instead of opening it in a new tab.

  • Drag and drop an image attachment into a card comment is now supported.

  • We tweaked the padding in the ‘No results’ state when searching for a slash command.

Oct 20, 2023


  • Simplified page header – we’ve made more room for displaying the page breadcrumb and upcoming features. You can still access all the text formatting options through the / slash menu or the floating menu that appears when highlighting text. Markdown and keyboard shortcuts will continue to be supported too.

  • We’ve tweaked the spacing and margins in the floating text toolbar to make it look a bit smarter.

  • The : emoji picker now displays ‘shortcode’ names instead of full names.


  • In the editor, we disabled the slash menu inside of code blocks to prevent conflicting styles.

  • Focussing on a beautified link in a card description no longer creates a ‘description updated’ event in the activity feed.

  • In a page, headings that contain a mention are now displayed correctly in the table of contents.

  • Indenting a bullet/numbered list no longer changes the line height.

  • Changing the UnSplash cover image on a page no longer degrades the image resolution.

  • We fixed several interactions when moving your cursor around and selecting text whilst searching for something to mention.

  • Fixed a rare issue where you could not open the mention dropdown if a card had not fully loaded.

Oct 13, 2023


  • Table of contents – pages will automatically display a ‘table of contents’ in the right hand margin based on the headings (H1, H2, H3) that have been added in the page.You can click on the table to jump to any section of the page.


  • Empty states – we’ve updated Views, Inbox, and Favourites to show more helpful information when these sections are empty.

  • You can now navigate directly to the Settings page for a Space from 3 dot ‘more’ menu in the sidebar, space homepage, or ‘Manage spaces’ screen.

  • Status icons are now displayed in the breadcrumb in the header of a card.

  • We’ve tweaked the text in ‘archived’ notifications to make it clearer what type of resource was archived.

  • In tables, we now disable the ‘Merge cells’ button if you have not selected multiple cells.


  • A small 1px square is no longer visible after inserting a mention.

  • Mentions, slash commands, and emoji shortcodes now work on mobile versions of Chrome.

  • Fixed the ‘add subpage’ button not being visible after adding a page icon.

  • Reacting to an inline comment in a page no longer closes the comment viewer.

  • When in a View, pressing Esc to close an archived card no longer navigates you to the board the archived card was in.

  • We’ve temporarily disabled the ability to edit your account’s email address whilst we work on a fix.

  • In the desktop app, you can now log out and log in using a different Google account.

  • Users that have not set a name on their profile are now handled more gracefully when hovering over their avatar.

  • When setting a date on a card, closing the card will now also close the date picker.

  • Closing a card when the mention picker is open, no longer breaks that instance of the editor.

  • After bolding some text, pressing enter to create a new line now resets the removes the bold style from the new line.

  • We fixed several small issues when clicking on links to resources that have been deleted.

  • The 3 dot menu on a card now positions itself more intelligently on small screens.

  • Pressing Esc to close the ‘quick page’ popup no longer closes the board/card/page behind it.

  • Clicking on a workspace tag in the settings page will now load the tags View faster.

  • Using search to navigate to a board in a different space no longer displays an empty board.

  • Changing the notification filter in Inbox no longer flashes the empty state.

  • The emoji icon picker in the ‘Manage spaces’ screen now works even after refreshing the page.

  • Fixed a nasty bug where sometimes editing the title of a child card would also modify the title of the parent card.

Oct 6, 2023


  • Effort estimation – you can now estimate how much work a Card is. Each Space can use a different estimation system, and we’ll automatically convert estimates if you move cards between them. Just head to Settings > Spaces to select one of the following systems:

    • Fibonacci points

    • Exponential points

    • T-shirt sizes

    • Do not use estimates (default)

  • Sort by effort estimate in Boards.

  • Filter by Effort estimate in Views.


  • Inline images and videos in Slack – Superthread notifications and link previews that you see in Slack now include inline images and YouTube videos.

  • Card counts in Views – you can now see how many cards match your filter in a View.

  • Alphabetical sorting in menus – assignees and tags in dropdown menus are now sorted alphabetically so their order is predictable and consistent throughout the app.

  • We’ve added tooltips to explain what each button does in the floating text formatting toolbar.

  • Tweaked the ‘Manage spaces’ button in the sidebar to ‘Browse all spaces’.

  • In the tags picker dropdown, its now easier to see if you’re hovering on a workspace level tag, or just one from the current space.

  • We now automatically remove empty lines from the end of comments to make them more readable.

  • On the ‘Manage spaces’ screen, we now suggest creating a new space if your search returns no results.


  • In a card’s activity log, the activity text is now consistently lower case.

  • Slack notifications that contain mentions of multiple people are now formatted correctly.

  • The line indicating a group of activity has increased contrast in light mode.

  • Pages that have an icon set, now load more smoothly.

  • Pasting a GIF into Superthread will now display correctly as an animated GIF instead of a static image.

  • When creating a card, the click target for opening ‘board picker’ dropdown has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where pasting a URL on top of highlighted text would replace the text instead of converting the text to a link.

  • The keyboard shortcut Shift + Enter to create and open a card now works when creating cards in a board preview on the space homepage.

  • Pages or cards that contain many beautified links now load faster.

Sep 29, 2023


  • Drafts for cards – when creating a card using the keyboard shortcut C , we’ll now remember a draft if you navigate away or accidentally close the modal.

  • Draft for child cards – when creating a child card, we’ll now save a draft of it in the parent card if you accidentally navigate away.

  • Mentions redesign – when you type @ to mention something, the mention picker dropdown will now suggest a couple of cards, pages, boards, and spaces that you’ve recently visited. We also added tabs that you can click to jump to each section of the search results.

  • Priority field is now supported in our Jira and Shortcut importers.

  • Changing the status of a card will now default to positioning the card at the the top of the list instead of the bottom.

  • Tables are now supported in pages that are shared to the web.

  • We’ve added a dedicated button to ‘create a subpage’ underneath the page title.

  • We added a new icon to indicate when something is a card.

  • Beautified links and mentions to resources in a Space that has been deleted now show a ‘Not found’ message.

  • When dragging a card, we now display a hint that you can press Esc to cancel the drag.

  • We now reset the scroll position of the Inbox when changing your filter preference.

  • When creating a new Space, we now display an error message if you have not given it a name.


  • Tables that are set to fit within the margins of the page body now load at the correct width instead of jumping from full width.

  • When quickly navigating back and forth on a newly created page, the page contents will no longer flash in as it loads.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘add link’ button would not work when focussed in a table.

  • Removed blockquote styling option from text inside of a table.

  • Fixed an issue where the table formatting buttons would not work when navigating directly to a page with a table in.

  • On mobile, the header for the Inbox is now visible when viewing a notification.

  • When using the ‘Move to board’ option on a card, the list of boards now renders emoji correctly.

  • Fixed a issue where adding a link to a page comment would cause the comment composer to close.

  • Fixed an issue in Inbox where ‘resolved’ notifications that you then marked as ‘unresolved’ would not match the ‘unresolved’ filter.

  • Receiving a new notification whilst browsing the Inbox no longer resets your Inbox filter preferences.

  • When switching to the the ‘Unresolved’ filter in Inbox, notifications will load consistently.

  • When adding a new card, the keyboard shortcut Shift + Enter will now create the card and open it.

  • In the desktop app, its now easier to drag the app window around when viewing a View.

  • Refreshing the app and navigating away before the app had finished loading would cause an error.

  • Setting a parent card in the quick card modal will now consistently focus the search box.

  • Holding Option or Alt and using keyboard arrows to move cards in a board now works again.

Sep 22, 2023


  • View all cards using a workspace tag – on the Settings > Workspace > Tags screen, you can now click on a tag to be taken to a ‘View’ of all the cards using that tag.


  • Slack integration text formatting – Supethread notifications and link previews now support most text formatting options. This includes bold, italic, strikethrough, bullet/numbered lists, links, and mentions.

  • You can now set card priority from the 3 dot menu on a card.

  • We’ve simplified the design of the comment field to make it fit better on mobile and when creating inline comments in pages.

  • When viewing a space homepage, if that space contains no boards, or no pages, we now show an empty state prompting you to create one.

  • You can now see cards created more than one month ago in the ‘Created by me’ tab of the ‘My work’ page.

  • We tweaked the format of the breadcrumb in the tooltip when hovering over card activity.

  • We’ve added some subtle drop shadows to popup modals and dropdowns throughout the app.

  • We added some margin below the login button on small screens.

  • We’ve added a blue dot to indicate when a filter is applied on the activity on a card.


  • Fixed a small text truncation issue when hovering over a notification in the Inbox.

  • Fixed an issue with the mention dropdown where clicking in the dropdown would prevent keyboard navigation in the dropdown from working.

  • The member profile that appears on hover now closes consistently when the mention picker is closed.

  • Dragging cards when a sort order is applied is now smoother.

  • The empty state for space homepage no longer has a big gap at the top of it.

  • Tweaked the border radius of the quick card modal.

  • In Inbox, copying a direct link to a comment in a page so longer causes an error when trying to open that link.

  • We' fixed the colour of the border around the workspace logo in dark mode.

Sep 15, 2023


  • Card priority improvements – the field is now easier to view, set, and edit.

    • Priority is now visible (when set) on a small card in a board.

    • Changes to priority are now visible the card activity feed.

    • Priority field now defaults to ‘No priority’ instead of being unset.

  • Space homepage now remembers if you chose a 2 column layout.

  • The floating text formatting toolbar has been restyled to better fit the look of the app.

  • Tags are now sorted alphabetically so that they are easy to find.

  • Tooltips in the app that display a space name, now also display the space icon.

  • Tooltips in the card activity feed that include a list name. now also display the list status icon.

  • Opening a page that doesn’t contain any content should now feel instant.

  • Modals and popups throughout the app now all look and feel more consistent.

  • We’ve tweaked the placeholder text to teach users about the slash menu and mentions functionality.


  • The button to copy the link to a card now works when viewing the card in the Inbox.

  • Code blocks, horizontal page divider, and block quote options have been re-enabled in the floating toolbar.

  • Fixed a bug where creating a new page, then navigating to a different page through search would result in the page contents failing to update.

  • Fixed a bug where modifying the tags on a card using keyboard shortcuts would create a new tag at the same time as applying an existing one.

  • Fixed a bug where adding a tag to a child card would not always work.

  • Superthread now works on Safari versions older than 15.1

  • In the quick card modal, changing the parent card no longer closes the modal.

  • We removed the background colour from the workspace logo to prevent it appearing on transparent PNGs.

  • When dragging a card into a different space, the target space homepage no longer jerks.

Sep 8, 2023


  • Delete Spaces – you can now tidy up your workspace by deleting unused spaces. Deleting a space is a destructive action that will delete any boards, cards, and pages contained in it. Deletion is permanent and cannot be undone. Only workspace Admins or the team member who originally created a space can perform this action. You’ll find the delete option in the 3 dot menu for each space and in the Manage spaces page.


  • Filter by priority in a board – you can now filter cards in a board based on their priority value.

  • View two boards side by side – selecting the ‘2 column’ layout in a space homepage will now display each board preview as a vertically scrollable list of cards. This makes moving cards from your ‘Backlog’ board to your ‘Active’ board much easier.

  • When hovering over a group of avatars, moving your cursor across each avatar in the group will now display each user’s profile immediately.

  • We’ve added a confirmation modal when deleting a View.

  • We’ve disabled some text formatting options inside of tables to prevent them getting into a broken state. These include horizontal rules (page divider) and code blocks.

  • Cards that contain lots of child cards should now load slightly faster due to optimising the way we pre-fetch the status of the cards.

  • Cards that contain lots of comments and activity should now load faster.

  • Dragging cards in a board should feel slightly smoother.

  • We added a padlock icon to the ‘Private’ option on the ‘Create new space’ screen.

  • When editing a View, we changed the ‘Cancel’ button to ‘Discard’.


  • After adding an inline comment, pasting an image into a page no longer fails to upload.

  • It’s now easier to hover over a mentioned user and mouse towards their profile.

  • After selecting a type of filter to apply to a board, the search input in the filter dropdown will reset.

  • Fixed anchor links to page headings not scrolling to the correct position in the page.

  • Fixed an issue in brand new workspaces where a page could sometimes take ~1s to load.

  • Replying to a comment now also clears any local drafts you had of that comment.

  • Links with text styles applied to them are now clickable.

  • In a page, clicking on a link that also has an inline comment attached to it will now display the comment on first click, and then open the link on second click.

  • Creating a brand new page should now feel slightly faster.

Sep 1, 2023


  • Tables (beta) – you can now add simple tables to pages and card descriptions. Just type /table to add a table from the slash menu.

  • Priority field – you can now give cards an explicit priority (Urgent, High, Medium, Low, None) and sort cards in a board by their priority.


  • Drafts for comment threads – unfinished replies will now be saved as a draft on your device.

  • Whilst creating a brand new inline comment in a page, clicking outside of the ‘new comment’ field will prompt you to confirm before discarding the unfinished comment.

  • Creating a comment, editing a comment, and replying to a comment now all have the same UI for composing text.

  • The ‘Owner’ of a workspace can now transfer ownership to another team member in Settings > Workspace > Members. By default, the owner is person who originally created the workspace.

  • Guest members are now labelled as guests throughout the app. For example in assignee dropdowns, card activity, and comments.

  • Tweaked the style of attachments in cards.

  • When moving a card to a different board, the search now shows you suggested boards from the spaces you are a member of.

  • Cards should load slightly faster because we’ve optimised pre-loading card content and reduced the number of http requests.

  • We removed the quick start tutorial from the signup flow to make getting in to the app faster.


  • The scroll position of a card no longer jumps around when creating new comments.

  • Improved URL detection when pasting links into comments.

  • Fixed some console errors when dragging things into favourites.

  • Fixed an issue where changing the sort order in a board would not update until creating a new card.

  • Guest members can no longer add/remove people to a space.

  • Guest members are no longer added to the default space.

  • After moving a card into a space that you are a not a member of, then clicking ‘Open’ on the toast notification, that space will now correctly display in the ‘Exploring’ section of the sidebar.

  • Navigating to a page from the Inbox will no longer open the page with comments sidebar popped open.

  • The quick card creation modal will now remember your last viewed board as the location for the new card (assuming you have not set a default board yourself).

  • When setting a parent card, the search input field will now be focussed automatically.

  • Pressing Esc when setting a parent card will now only close the search box, not the entire quick card modal.

  • The card title field is now automatically focussed when creating multiple child cards in a row.

  • Fixed an issue with image attachments not being saved correctly when creating a brand new page.

  • Whilst creating a child card, you can no longer highlight text and select the ‘create card’ option in the floating toolbar.

  • Using your mouse to select an option in the mentions dropdown, emoji picker, or slash menu, will no longer close the quick card creation modal.

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