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May 24, 2024


  • Recently viewed items in Search – the search pop-up will now display a list of recently viewed items to make navigating between relevant work much faster.

  • Single parent cards – we now enforce that each card can only have a single parent set on it. This makes understanding card hierarchy and relationships much simpler.

  • Tweaked the design of the ‘Settings’ pages so that they now all have a more consistent look and feel.

  • The plans page has been tweaked to be easier to compare monthly vs annual plans.

  • Improved the mobile layout of comment threads in cards.

  • We added a label for the ‘Comment’ action in the floating text toolbar.

  • We’ve increased the line height of headings in the text editor to make them look a bit nicer.


  • Fixed an issue where the board URL would be incorrect after using keyboard arrows to change the currently selected card.

  • Fixed position of tooltip when hovering over the ‘copy link’ icon in a card header.

  • Fixed a console error when deleting a space.

  • Sanitise board name and space name input fields to prevent cross site scripting exploits.

  • Viewing cards in the side docked layout would occasionally cause the wrong card to be updated when adding a parent card.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Large text’ option would not be remembered when navigating away from a page.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not remove a member from a space on the ‘Manage spaces’ screen.

  • When duplicating a board, the board name field now works.

May 17, 2024


  • The ‘Layout’ sort order preference is now remembered on the ‘My work’ page.

  • We’ve added download links for our desktop app in Settings > Account > Preferences

  • Added a ‘Contact us’ email address in the ‘Help & Feedback’ popup.


  • Fixed the missing overscroll area (gutter) when opening a page from search or favourites.

  • The ‘Open page’ button when duplicating a page now correctly opens the duplicated page.

  • Guest users can no longer see the option to ‘Create a space’ throughout the app.

  • In Safari, pasting an image into a comment reply no longer breaks scrolling.

  • Fixed a console error when creating a new list in a board and clicking outside of the status tyope dropdown.

  • Fixed a rare case where an inline comment would not show the highlighted text that the comment was about.

May 10, 2024


  • Duplicate a board – you can now duplicate a board. This will create a copy of the board that contains all the same statuses. It will not duplicate any of the cards in the board. You can find the ‘Duplicate’ option in the 3 dot menu in the header of the board or the sidebar.


  • The slash menu will now show the ‘board embed’ option when you search for the word ‘embed’.

  • Added a close button to the comments sidebar in pages to make it more obvious how to close.


  • The size of a card no longer changes whilst editing a card title inline in a board.

  • Fixed a bug where the 3 dot menu on the ‘Manage spaces’ screen would sometimes appear twice.

  • When viewing a list of cards with an assignee filter applied, removing the assignee from a card will hide the card from the list and also close the assignee picker.

  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard shortcut A to open the assignee picker was not working in a board.

  • Fixed a bug where navigating from the Inbox to a Board would break the keyboard shortcuts in the board.

  • The order of spaces in the ‘Manage spaces’ screen now matches the order of the spaces in your sidebar, even after when refreshing the page.

  • Fixed a bug where you could not move a card to a board if the first list in the board had been archived.

  • On smaller screens, the options in the slash menu could not be fully scrolled through.

  • Fixed the border radius in the board picker dropdown.

May 3, 2024


  • Keyboard shortcuts in the Inbox would not work after navigating from the Space homepage.

  • In the Inbox, the keyboard shortcut E to resolve a comment was not automatically moving you to the next notification.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Apply template’ button in an empty page would not be hidden after adding a table to the page body.

  • Fixed an issue where the 3 dot menu for a card would open in the wrong position when it had child cards expanded.

Apr 26, 2024


  • Due date notifications – cards with due dates will now notify the assignees and any subscribers when a card is due soon (in 3 days time) or overdue.

  • Board embeds – embed a fully interactive board inside of a page. Just type /board at the position in the page where you would like to embed the board. Embedded boards are not currently supported in pages that have been published to the web.


  • Duplicate card suggestions – we’ve upgraded the AI model used to suggest duplicate cards. In addition, cards that already have a relationship wont be suggested (such as parent and child cards). This should make the suggestions more relevant.

  • Notifications for subscribing to a board or specific list are now sent to Slack and included in email digests.


  • Notification digest emails are now sending again.

  • The Settings pages should now open and close faster.

  • Dragging a list from one board to another on the Space homepage now works as intended.

  • The keyboard shortcuts to quickly create a new card or page have been disabled on the signup and login flow.

  • Navigating from the quick page creation modal to the ‘page templates’ setting page now closes the modal.

  • The board layout option to ‘hide empty groups’ and ‘show weekends’ are now remembered after refreshing the page.

  • Fixed an issue where logging in with Google on the desktop app would not correctly redirect back to the app.

  • Fixed console error with floating text toolbar.

Apr 19, 2024


  • Page comments – we already supported inline comments for specific in-page discussions, but now you can comment on the overall page without having to select any text. Just hover over the page title to see the new comment button.


  • The dropdown for choosing a card template now shows all the templates for the spaces you have joined, not just the space you are currently viewing.


  • We now remove escape characters that were accidentally being displayed in Slack notifications.

  • When using the quick page creation pop-up, creating a card from selected text will now show the quick card creation pop-up on top of the page creation one.

  • Fixed a scenario where creating a child card would sometimes cause a 500 server error.

  • When applying a card template, the colour of the status that the card should be created in is now correct.

Apr 12, 2024


  • Child card editing in the card creation modal – when creating a new card using the keyboard shortcut C, or when applying a template that includes child cards, you can now view, add, and edit the child cards from within the card creation pop-up.

  • We’ve added an option to rename a board in the ‘Board settings’ page.


  • Notifications were missing the connecting words between the type of notification and who it was from (Comment ‘from’, Mentioned ‘by’).

  • Tweaked the placeholder text in checklist items so that users are no longer prompted to use the unsupported slash menu.

Apr 5, 2024


  • The timeline layout for boards will now display statuses (columns/lists) in reverse order. In most cases, this means cards that are ‘Done’ will be displayed at the top left of the timeline making it behave more like a Gantt chart.

  • Cards and pages can now be created when browsing the Settings pages. Just press C or P to create a card or page.

  • Tweaked the description for the ‘Share to web’ feature in pages to better explain that sub-pages will also be shared.


  • The board layout option to ‘hide empty groups’ now removes the gap left behind by the hidden groups.

  • Guest users are no longer able to create or delete templates.

  • In dark mode, some 3 dot menus had a white background.

  • The ‘Board settings’ page is no longer visible if the selected Space has no boards.

  • Tag and member filtering in a board now works more reliably.

  • Fixed error when opening a card from a board that had just been archived.

  • On mobile, fixed a issue that would cause the app to become unresponsive when navigating to a parent card from within the Inbox.

  • On Safari, the ‘Apply template’ button in an empty page is no longer truncated.

  • The helper text in the empty state of the Inbox now line wraps correctly on narrow screens.

  • If the name of a space started with an empty character, you can now delete that space without having to type an empty character.

  • When creating a card template, the child cards within that template will now correctly display the board they should be created in.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not open a card notification when the ‘New’ filter was applied in the Inbox.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not create page when viewing the ‘Manage spaces’ screen.

Mar 29, 2024


  • Child cards in Templates – card templates can now include the creation of child cards. For example, if you have a large task that you need to do repeatedly, you can create a template for it that also includes the smaller tasks you would normally break it down in to.


  • Tweaked the notification subject line for board and status subscriptions to provide more context about where a card was moved/created and who by.

  • We now only display the ‘copy git branch name’ button in the header of cards if you have enabled the GitHub integration for your workspace.

  • We’ve updated the tooltip for tags when viewing cards in a list layout.

  • When searching for a tag to add to a card, the ‘no results’ interface for creating a brand new tag will show up faster.

  • We’ve added a template picker to the empty state of pages to make applying page templates easier.

  • All card due dates are not set to 9am of the user’s local time.


  • Video attachments added via the quick-card-creation modal will now display correctly when saved.

  • Links that contain invalid card-IDs will not longer cause the app to get stuck on a loading screen.

  • On mobile, we fixed alignment issues with the search UI.

  • Moving the mouse whilst using the mentions picker no longer interrupts the automatic scroll when selecting a category (tab) in the menu,

  • On mobile, the placeholder text in an an empty row no longer line wraps.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a user to be sent an empty email digest.

  • When creating a card inline in a board, refreshing the page no longer discards your card draft.

  • The copy branch name option was missing in the 3 dot menu on a card after reloading a board.

  • Tags are now correctly applied when using card templates in the quick card modal.

  • The ‘add link’ modal now closes when you navigate back in the browser.

  • Removed grey box element that appeared behind some 3 dot menus.

  • In the quick card modal, the tooltip for the priority field no longer has a hover delay.

  • We’ve removed the “page already open’ toast notification when you are viewing cards in full screen or modal layout.

  • Attempting to drag an ‘Untitled page’ in the sidebar will no longer drag the entire space.

  • Creating an ‘Untitled page’ then viewing the ‘Settings’ page no longer duplicates the page.

Mar 22, 2024


  • Expand multiple levels of child cards – when viewing a list of cards, you can click the chevron to expand its child cards. If those child cards have their own children, you can now keep expanding the list to get the full picture of all the supporting work. This is supported in Views, Boards (when in list layout), and in the child card section of a parent card.


  • Card and tags readability – we’ve made tags more prominent by displaying their name when viewing a board. We’ve also tweaked the spacing and size of the rest of the card metadata to make it more readable.

  • After creating a card, the toast notification will now include a button to copy a link to it.

  • When archiving something, the toast notification now includes the type of resource (card/page/board) that has been archived.


  • The live chat button no longer displays when printing a page.

  • Fixed an issue where opening the tags picker via the 3 dot menu on card in a board would add tags to a previously modified card instead of the current one.

  • Large images will now scale to fit on an A4 paper size when printing a page.

  • The ‘Click to download’ text on an attachment preview is no longer truncated.

  • On mobile, fixed alignment issues when adding page icons and cover images.

  • The ‘Resolved’ text that appears on a comment now truncates more gracefully.

  • Team members that accept an invite during an active session will no longer have an undefined avatar.

  • Long tag names are now truncated in the ‘create new tag’ UI.

  • Long truncated tag names no longer cause the ‘edit’ icon to shrink in the tags dropdown.

Mar 15, 2024


  • Subscribe to a board – receive a notification whenever a card is created in (or moved in) to a specific board. Just click the new bell icon in the header of the board you want to subscribe to.

  • Subscribed to a specific list (status) – receive a notification whenever a card is moved into, or created in, a specific list. For example, ‘notify me anytime a card is moved to Done’. Just click the 3 dot menu on a list and select the new ‘Subscribe’ option.


  • Custom tag colours – you can now choose any custom colour when creating a new tag. Just select the rainbow colour option to open the custom colour picker.

  • Inbox notifications now display a shorthand version of the timestamp to make more room for the title of the notification. For example ‘8h’ will be displayed instead of ‘8 hours ago’.


  • Removed the number stepper control from the email code login in field.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not select a custom colour for statuses in a board.

  • On Safari mobile, the bottom of the space homepage no longer gets cut off by the Safari address bar.

  • Fixed an issue where pressing enter after viewing the settings page would open a cached search result.

  • In search results, untitled pages will now display ‘Untiled page’ instead of the title field being empty.

Mar 8, 2024


  • Real time syncing in the sidebar – when you re-order pages, rename them, change their icons, or add/remove pages, now all these updates will be synced in real time to other users.

  • Space deleted notifications – you will be notified when a space you are a member of is deleted.

  • Redesigned our in-app toast popups to look a bit nicer and be fit better on mobile screens.


  • Pages shared to web can no longer be indexed in search engines. This is to prevent bad actors using public pages to distribute spam content. We will re-introduce this functionality as a paid upgrade in the future.

  • Card attachments no longer extend beyond the width of the card on narrow screens.

  • Increasing the width of the Inbox sidebar no longer causes the card title to overflow its bounding box.

  • A divider in the 3 dot menu dropdown on video attachments has been removed.

  • The copy link button has been removed from the header of the ‘My work’ page.

  • Entries about checklist items in a card’s activity log have had unnecessary spacing removed.

  • Where there is only one card in a list, we no longer display next/previous arrows in the card header.

  • Fixed the button text on the error page shown when an invited team member clicks an expired invite link.

Mar 1, 2024


  • Images in tables – you can now copy/paste and drag/drop images into table cells.

  • We’ve made some performance improvements so that dragging a card in a large board should feel smoother.

  • The ‘Inline code’ style is now the the same colour as regular text.

  • We’ve tweaked the formatting of the card activity feed to be more readable when multiple assignees are added or removed.


  • When adding a card in a board and selecting a template, the tags from the template would not be applied to the card.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not view the ‘Space details’ sidebar for any spaces after deleting a space.

  • Attempting to view a card attachment before it finished uploading no longer breaks the UI.

  • On mobile, the login screen will now display the numeric keyboard when using the ‘log in with email code’ option.

  • The Trello importer now converts markdown in card descriptions to rich text.

  • The card title in the Inbox header is now truncated instead of line wrapping on smaller screens.

  • Attempting to drag a card into an empty space now shows the correct empty state for the space.

  • On mobile, inline comments on a page can now be closed by tapping outside of the comment modal.

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