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Mar 1, 2024


  • We’ve made some performance improvements so that dragging a card in a large board should feel smoother.

  • The ‘Inline code’ style is now the the same colour as regular text.

  • We’ve tweaked the formatting of the card activity feed to be more readable when multiple assignees are added or removed.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not view the ‘Space details’ sidebar for any spaces after deleting a space.

  • Attempting to view a card attachment before its finished uploading no longer breaks the UI.

  • On mobile, the login screen will now display the numeric keyboard when using the ‘log in with email code’ option.

  • The Trello importer now converts markdown in card descriptions to rich text.

  • The card title in the Inbox header is now truncated instead of line wrapping on smaller screens.

  • Attempting to drag a card into an empty space now shows the correct empty state for the space.

  • On mobile, inline comments on a page can now be closed by tapping outside of the comment modal.

Feb 23, 2024


  • Page templates (beta) – you can now create reusable templates for pages. Go to Settings > Templates > Pages to create your first template. Currently, the only way to apply a template is when creating a page through the ‘New page’ button in the sidebar. We plan to add more ways very soon.


  • Real time sidebar updates – your sidebar will now update automatically when somebody deletes a Space (previously you would need to refresh).

  • When choosing a template to apply, if the dropdown of templates is empty, we now display a link to the Settings page where you can create one.

  • Board stats explanations – hidden in the info sidebar of a board we have some simple stats showing you how cards are progressing. We now show tooltips to help you interpret these numbers.

  • We’ve added some extra text to explain how email notifications work.

  • We’ve tightened up the padding between card descriptions and card titles.


  • On mobile, we’ve removed the large gap from the top of Settings pages.

  • We fixed a bug where the hover state for a button in the header would persist when opening a different menu in the app.

  • We’ve removed the ‘People with access’ section from the ‘Info’ sidebar of a page. Access to a page is defined by the space the page is located in and nothing else.

Feb 16, 2024


  • Text alignment options in pages – you can now left, centre, or right align text in pages.

  • In the sidebar and search results, boards will now display the appropriate icon for each layout you’ve chosen for them (board, list, or timeline).

  • In the Inbox, when viewing a notification about a card, we now show the card title in the header so that you can see which card you are viewing even when scrolled to a comment.

  • The ‘Open board’ button in the homepage of a space has been moved to left to make it slightly easier to click on.


  • When linking to a comment thread in a page, the thread will now scroll to the correct position of the comment.

  • Cards that are moved into a board that ‘group-by’ is enabled for will now show up in their correct grouping.

  • Fixed an issue where card titles were hidden in the timeline layout when at its default width.

  • Navigating to a favourited board whilst using timeline layout no longer causes the new and old board to alternate whilst it loads.

  • The board layout option for ‘Hide empty groups’ is now only applied to the current board you are viewing, not all boards.

  • We’ve removed the inaccurate version history feature from pages.

  • Fixed some hover states in boards where list names and icons would look interactive when ‘group-by’ is applied.

  • Fix a bug where opening the 3 dot menu in the header of space would break if you opened the same menu from within the sidebar at the same time.

Feb 9, 2024


  • Now anybody can resolve a comment thread. Previously only the person who created the thread could do this. Resolving a thread will notify its participants.

  • The assignee picker when creating a child card or using the quick card modal will now always put yourself at the top of the list.

  • Tweaked the title and icon in the invite modal to make it clearer you are inviting people to the workspace.

  • Boards that have been set to List or Timeline layout will now display the appropriate layout icon around the app.

  • If you attempt to create a child card without first giving it a title, we’ll display a message prompting you to add one.

  • We’ve added tooltips to the buttons at the top of a column/list.

  • We display a warning banner to users who have a resource open from a space that has been deleted.


  • On mobile, the new board creation screen is now scrollable.

  • On mobile, scrolling the sidebar is no longer interpreted as an attempt to drag and drop spaces.

  • Fixed a bug with real time collaboration where the card description would not always save every character you were typing.

  • The ‘Hide empty groups’ option now works when grouping by Priority.

  • Fixed a caching issue which mean that cards from other boards could appear when grouping by Assignee.

  • Fixed a caching issue with boards that meant group-by was not working correctly in the desktop app.

  • In Safari, we fixed a bug with the text editor where you could not replace your text selection with a colon.

  • Linking to a comment that is hidden in a collapsed thread will now automatically expand the thread.

  • Fixed some misaligned menus in the importer flow.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not update your avatar colour in settings.

  • Fixed a typo in the subject line of email digests when there is only one notification.

Feb 2, 2024


  • Email digests – receive a daily email summary of unread notifications. You can choose what time they’re sent, and what notifications to include from Settings > Account > Notifications. Digests are only sent once a day and exclude weekends.

  • Board layouts – when creating a board, you can now choose a default layout (Board, List, or Timeline). Users can still change the layout at any time, but they’ll see the ‘default’ if they haven’t set their own preference. You can update the default layout for an existing board by going to its ‘Board Settings’.

  • Sort cards in ‘My work’ – use the ‘Layout’ dropdown to change the sort order of cards in the ‘My work’ view.


  • Space members settings page – the settings page for each space has been updated to show a list of the all the members currently in that space.

  • Clicking on the group of avatars in the header of a space now pops open an information panel that displays a list of all the members in the space.

  • We’re removed the ‘+’ icon from the ‘Browse all spaces ‘ button in the sidebar to make it look less like one of your own spaces.

  • We’ve added tooltips to all the buttons in the quick card creation modal and tweaked some of their behaviour to help users understand how to use them.

  • We’ve tweaked the names of the ‘Sort-by’ options in the ‘Layout’ menu to make it clearer which direction the sort order will be applied in.

  • We’ve simplified and tweaked the design of our sign up flow.

  • In various Settings pages, we’ve moved the ‘Saved’ button to be closer to the thing you are saving.

  • We’ve added tooltips that appear when hovering over a status icon that will display the name of the status.


  • When adding a filter in a board or view, the applied filter now displays the correct operator of ‘includes’ instead of ‘excludes’.

  • When editing a view, clicking the ‘reset to default order’ button in the layout menu no longer breaks the view.

  • When editing a view, clicking on the same sort order twice in a row no longer closes the edit mode.

  • On mobile, the Inbox now consistently opens card notifications with the card sidebar collapsed.

  • Removing a member from a space no longer causes its order in the sidebar to reset.

  • If the space icon picker is open, dragging a space up and down the sidebar will now close it.

  • The ‘layout’ button in a View is now clickable when using the desktop app.

  • The first space ever created in a workspace was missing the option to ‘Leave space’ it in the 3 dot menu in the header.

  • The icon picker pop up was not being automatically hidden when other pops-upin the app were opened.

  • Fixed missing text in notifications about resources being moved to a private space.

Jan 26, 2024


  • Re-order Spaces in the sidebar – use drag and drop to customise the order of your Spaces in the sidebar.

  • Sort-by in Views – use the new ‘layout’ dropdown in Views to change the sort order of Cards.


  • All spaces are now treated as equal – we’ve simplified Space management by removing the concept of a ‘default space’. This gives you more control over which spaces you want to join and invite people to. Assuming you have the necessary permissions, any space can now be made ‘open’ or ‘private’, joined or left, or completely deleted at any time.

  • ‘Resolved’ comment notifications – you’ll now receive a notification when a comment thread you participated is ‘marked as resolved’.

  • Changed the invite team member icon to better distinguish between an email invite to your workspace, versus adding an existing team member to a new Space.

  • Added a button to select a card template when creating a card inline in a board.


  • The option to delete a space will only be shown to users that have the necessary permissions to perform that action. This is a workspace owner, admin, or the original creator of the space.

  • If you had the same filter applied in two different boards, navigating between the boards would make the filter UI disappear.

  • Added some padding between the buttons in the quick card modal and the bottom of the card description input field.

  • When selecting text inside a comment box, if your cursor finishes the selection outside of the comment box, we will no longer interpret that as trying to close the comment.

  • In the mentions picker, clicking on a tab in the dropdown will no longer defocus the text input.

Jan 19, 2024


  • Added support for the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Shift + X to strikethrough text.

  • After archiving something, we now give you an option to ‘undo’ the action in the toast message.


  • In the desktop app, when creating a new page, the ‘Cancel’ button is now clickable.

  • Switching workspace in the desktop app no longer creates errors in the console.

  • Fixed a bug in the text editor which broke keyboard navigation when the mention/slash menu occasionally opened invisibly.

  • In the Inbox, clicking on a notification about a comment will now consistently scroll the card/page to the position where the comment is.

Jan 12, 2024


  • We’ve added a /code block command to the slash menu.

  • The floating formatting toolbar now includes an option for inline code.

  • Inline images now have the option to ‘copy to clipboard’ in their 3 dot menu.


  • Improved typing speed/performance.

  • Fixed an issue where Chrome and Safari spellcheckers would make typing slow.

  • Fixed a rare issue that would cause the app to freeze when performing a search.

  • Fixed an issue where the breadcrumb for a page could be incorrect when collaborators in the same page create a subpage.

  • The ‘copy link button’ for a page that has been shared to the web now works on mobile.

  • The keyboard shortcut E to resolve a notification can no longer be triggered when typing in the tags picker dropdown.

  • On mobile, the blue line to resize the width of the Inbox can no longer be accidentally selected.

  • Fixed an issue where opening the mention picker would sometimes cause a console error.

  • Fixed an issue with infinite scrolling/pagination in Views.

  • Fixed an issue where cards that contained beautified links would briefly display old content, then update to the latest content.

Dec 29, 2023


  • 🪄 AI duplicate detection – Superthread uses AI to detect if a card already exists for a given task. Suggested duplicates will appear in the sidebar of a card where you can decide to accept or reject creating a ‘duplicate’ card relationship between them.

  • 🪄 AI tags suggestions – Superthread uses AI to suggest appropriate tags for a card. The suggestions are based on how your team have tagged similar looking cards in the past. Suggested tags will appear in the sidebar of a card where you can decide to accept or reject them.

  • Getting started tips – new Superthread users will now see a list of tips in the sidebar to help them learn about all the features of Superthread.

  • Full screen cards – in addition to viewing cards as a modal, or docked on the side of your screen, you can now choose to view cards in fullscreen mode. Find the new layout option in the header of a card.

  • Resolve page comments to prevent a page becoming cluttered with inline comments, you can now mark a comment as ‘Resolved’ when it is no longer relevant.


  • Toggle a space between Open or Private – you can now change a space’s visibility at any time from the Space settings page.

  • Desktop app navigation – when using the Superthread desktop app, the forward/back navigation buttons are always accessible, even when viewing a card modal.

  • Comment threads now display a timestamp for when when the most recent comment was posted.

  • When focussing in an empty line, we now display some help text that makes it easier to discover the slash menu and mention features.

  • We’ve added a tooltip to the Help button in the sidebar.


  • We now have a 5k character limit for comments to prevent issues with saving very large comment drafts.

  • Clicking on a board in the breadcrumb of an archived card will no longer cause a glitch.

  • When selecting a board filter, pressing ‘Enter’ will now confirm your selection and close the filter dropdown.

  • In the quick card creation modal, the ‘Remember board’ text is now clickable as well as the toggle.

  • The board filter menu now closes when navigating to a different board.

  • The quick card creation modal is now responsive on mobile.

  • The filter options for Search now work on mobile.

  • Hiding the card sidebar when using the side-docked layout, no longer hides the card sidebar when viewing a notification in the Inbox.

  • Fixed incorrect padding between page title and page body when viewing a page in the Inbox.

  • Card descriptions that contain beautified links no longer create a ‘card updated’ entry in the activity feed when fetching the link information in the background.

  • The emoji picker popup no longer displays behind the card modal.

  • Fixed an issue where it would take two clicks to close a card after using the mention or slash menu.

  • Fixed an issue where collaboration avatars would not update their position when choosing a different card layout.

  • Clicking on a tab in the mentions dropdown no longer closes the quick card creation modal.

  • In a View, the tags picker now closes when clicking to open the due date picker.

  • Improved collaboration logic to prevent beautified links flip-flopping between old and new versions of their name when multiple participants are viewing a page/card.

Dec 15, 2023


  • Hide empty groups – in a board, if a group (column) contains no cards, you can now choose to hide the group to declutter your board. This new toggle can be found in the ‘Layout’ dropdown in the header of a board.


  • Inline file attachments now show an upload progress meter.


  • Line wrapping now works as expected when creating a second level of indentation in a bullet list.

  • In Safari, navigating to the ‘My work’ view now correctly deselects any favourited items in your sidebar.

  • When viewing a side docked card within the Inbox, the search box that pops open when adding a card relationship now works.

  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Invite as’ dropdown for choosing a role would incorrectly display an error.

  • Clicking anywhere on a line that contains an inline file attachment no longer downloads the file.

  • In the Settings pages, newly created workspace tags will now be immediately visible when creating a template.

  • When hovering over a card’s priority field, the tooltip no longer displays the estimation system.

  • Clicking on tags in when in the ‘My work’ view will now open the tags picker.

  • When creating a child card, clicking on the scroll bar will no longer close the child card.

Dec 8, 2023


  • Side docked card – use the new layout button in the header of a card to change to side docked mode. This allows you to open cards on the side of your screen making multitasking a lot easier. Side docked cards will remain open as you navigate around the app, until you decide to close them.

  • Chat with us – you can now chat with us directly when using the app. We’re not bots, we’re real people, so if you have any questions or feedback about Superthread, please don’t hesitate to say hello. Just click the chat button in the bottom right corner of the app.


  • Real time collaboration in Boards should now be much more reliable. When your colleagues are moving cards, updating cards, and creating cards, it should all feel a lot more real time.

  • Its easier to upload a profile photo because we’ve removed the resolution limit and increased the file size limit to 3MB.

  • Tweaked the styling of the table of contents displayed inside pages.

  • When creating a brand new board, we now display a more obvious ‘Cancel’ button if you want to change your mind.


  • Copy/pasting text inside of a page will no longer copy the inline comments.

  • Text inside of a table cell in a page is no longer centre aligned.

  • Mentioning a board or card in a text heading will now scale the icon appropriately.

  • Navigating to a favourited board whilst ‘group-by’ is applied to your current board will now load the favourited board, instead of re-loading the existing board.

  • Refreshing the app whilst creating a brand new page will no longer cause navigation issues.

  • Navigating to a favourited page whilst creating a brand new page will now correctly load the page’s cover image and icon.

Dec 1, 2023


  • Video embeds – upload and embed videos in a page, card description, or comment. Just drag and drop them into a page or copy/paste from your clipboard.

  • Inline file attachments – attach generic files (PDFs, CSV, DOCX etc) that are displayed in the body of a page, card descriptions, and comments. Just drag and drop them into a page or copy/paste from your clipboard.


  • Tags supported in Card templates – when creating a card template, you can include tags as part of the template.

  • In a board, when grouping cards by assignees, tags, or priority, the status of each card is now displayed as an icon on the card.

  • When viewing a subpage, you can now use the keyboard shortcut Esc to close the subpage and navigate to back up to the parent page.

  • When highlighting text, pressing the keyboard shortcut Esc will now close the floating text toolbar.

  • There is now an option to reset a board’s layout back to the default. It can be found at the bottom of the ‘Layout’ option menu.


  • Whilst creating a subpage, refreshing the page will no longer cause the app to forget which page the subpage was being created within.

  • Fixed an issue where the breadcrumb for a subpage would sometimes display the parent pages in the wrong order.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t move a child card to a board if you opened it from the parent card.

  • When opening a card on top of a page, if that card contains a link to a comment within the same page, it will no longer cause an error when clicked.

  • On mobile, cards now close automatically when navigating somewhere else in the app.

  • The Cmd + \ keyboard shortcut to close the sidebar now works even when your cursor is focussed in a page.

Nov 24, 2023


  • Group-by card Priority – in a board, you can now use the ‘Layout’ option to group cards by their priority.

  • You can now add attachments when creating a card using the quick card creation modal (pressing the keyboard shortcut C).

  • You can now press the X icon to dismiss the ‘New version of the app’ update notification.


  • Fixed an issue where images uploaded creating a child card were not visible to other team members.

  • When creating a subpage, the parent page will now correctly show in the breadcrumb.

  • Deleting a space from the settings page no longer closes the settings page.

  • Clicking on a team invite link that you had already accepted will now redirect to the app, instead of getting stuck.

Nov 17, 2023


  • Card templates – you can now create card templates in the new Settings > Templates page. Templates can be applied to a card when creating a card with the keyboard shortcut C .

  • “Group-by” option in Boards – you can now group cards by assignee or tags. Use the ‘Layout’ dropdown at the top of a board to change the group-by from ‘group-by status’ to ‘group-by tag’ or ‘group-by assignee’.

  • Set background colour for table cells – when editing a table, you can now set a background colour on a cell.

  • Open cards anywhere in the app clicking on a card used to open the card in the board that it belonged to, meaning you got yanked around the app and easily lost. Now instead, cards open on top of the page you're currently looking at. This makes multitasking a lot easier:

    • You can now open a card whilst working in a page.

    • Open a child card without navigating away from the parent.

    • Use Cmd + K to search for a card, and just open it on top of what you're currently looking at.

    • Favourite a card that you need to view frequently, now you can quickly open it from your favourites, and close it and continue what you were doing before.


  • Tweaked the design of the headers of lists to make them easier to hover on and interact with.

  • Updated the text in the ‘change email’ address flow to make it clearer what is happening.

  • Updated the Superthread overview video in the help section.

  • Tweaked the design of the child card section to make it more obvious how to search fpr existing cards.


  • Comments no longer appear indented after opening the Settings page.

  • The quick card creation modal no longer changes size after opening the Settings page.

  • Placeholder text in comments no longer changes size after opening the Setting page.

  • Fixed an issue where custom and emoji page icons were misaligned when printing a page.

  • Adding a card with a long title in Timeline layout no longer causes the title to line wrap.

Nov 10, 2023


  • Change your account email address – it’s now possible to change the email address associated with your account. Just go to Settings > Account > Profile where you’ll be asked to re-confirm your login to start the process.


  • We’ve tweaked the language used in the activity log and notifications to be consistent when a user is unassigned from a card.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not use the mentions dropdown if you had a private or deleted resource in your list of favourites.

  • The colour of the status icon now updates correctly when selecting a list in the quick card creation modal.

  • Fixed an issue where the checkbox used to apply search filters was not visible.

Nov 3, 2023


  • We’ve updated the design of the card creation modal when using the keyboard shortcut C to create a new card.

  • You can now use the /image command to insert an image in card descriptions.

  • We now support Cmd + F in the desktop app to search within the current page.

  • The card ‘Attachments’ section now looks better at narrow screen sizes. For example on mobile or viewing the card in the Inbox on a small screen.

  • When inviting a guest user, we’ll now prompt you to add them to at least one space.

  • We’ve tweaked the design of the ‘Browse spaces’ screen to make the list of spaces look better on large monitors.


  • Typing Space immediately after opening the slash menu, mentions, or emoji picker will now close the menu and return to normal typing.

  • Fixed typos where we used the word ‘tasks’ instead of ‘cards’ in the empty state of a space homepage, and in the sidebar of a board.

  • We removed the list formatting options (bullet, numbered etc) from the floating text toolbar inside of the ‘Checklist’ section of a card.

  • The table of contents is no longer displayed when printing a page.

  • The avatars of people you are collaborating with in a page no longer change position when hovering over them.

  • Fixed an issue in Safari where it took 2 clicks to collapse a section in the Settings sidebar.

  • The ‘upload attachment’ popup now works correctly in comments.

  • In Safari, fixed an issue where the summary of the page contents would not be visible in search results.

  • You can no longer create subpages inside of an archived page.

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