MemGPT: Overcoming Context Limitations for ChatGPT and Other LLMs for Document Chats & More

MemGPT: Overcoming Context Limitations for ChatGPT and Other LLMs for Document Chats & More

What is MemGPT?

MemGPT is a ground-breaking approach and code-base which shows great promise for overcoming LLM context windows.

Put simply, LLMs like OpenAI’s ChatGPT4 struggle with long conversations and analyzing large documents because they can't remember too much at once (context window limitations). Think of this like trying to read a book but only remembering the last page or chapter you read. To help with this, MemGPT enables the storage and management of more information. It helps the AI to handle long chats and read big documents better.

This Superthread brings together existing links to documentation and a number of helpful YouTube video tutorials. If you would like to

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Why is MemGPT so Awesome?

Superthread has a whole host of important applications for ChatGPT and other LLM users. These include:

  1. Create perpetual chatbots with self-editing memory!

  2. Chat with your data - talk to your local files or SQL database!

  3. You can even try out a no-code version with the MemGPT chatbot on Discord!

  4. Easy implementation via OpenAI (predominantly for GPT4)

  5. MemGPT can also be run with local LLMs also see the video tutorial below.

  6. MemGPT also works with Autogen automated agents also see the video tutorial below.

Official MemGPT Website

There is an official website for MemGPT available at

It provides links to…

MemGPT for OpenAI Setup

Matthew Berman has produced a great review of the original MemGPT research paper, and initial setup for OpenAi API users.

Video link:

Note in the video tutorial, Matthew refers to setup with a Conda environment, but this isn’t entirely necessary, it can also be done with a standard .venv environment.

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MemGPT and Open Source Models Setup

In this video, Matthew Berman covers a quick setup for using MemGPT with open-source models like LLaMA, Airobors and Mistral via Runpod. Although this may sound complicated, it’s really not too difficult, and offers great potential cost savings vs using OpenAI.

Video link:

Note open-source model support is still in early-stage development.

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MemGPT and Autogen Setup

AutoGen is a tool that helps create LLM applications where multiple agents can talk to each other to complete tasks like for example brainstorming a business proposal. These AutoGen agents can be tailored, they can chat, and they easily let humans join in the conversation. In this tutorial Matthew Berman explains how to expand the memory of these AI agents by combining Autogen with MemGPT.

Video link:

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AutoGEN and MemGPT and Local LLM Complete Tutorial

Created by Prompt Engineer this 30 minute video covers in vast detail all the steps required to get this combination of solutions live with Runpod. As Prompt Engineer explains, this tutorial took quite a long time to produce, as it necessitated a number of test and learn steps. So far this is one of the most comprehensive tutorials available.

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Interview with MemGPT Co-Creator Charles Parker

For more information on the creators of MemGPT, also consider watching this video interview with one of its co-creators UC Berkley PHD student Charles Parker

Video Link:

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